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Monday, July 6, 2009

O.K. Get Real

Check out this Election Outcome Prediction come real.

38 out of 42 seats outcome predicted correctly. That's an Accuracy = 90.47 %.

Prediction for 2004 Indian National Elections for the whole country had an Error Margin = 5%.

In both Cases I best all the Surveys and Media Reports.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to the Matrix and the Oracle within

It may seem that I am in a state of hibernation.

But the Reality is :

I am developing Networks.
Networks within Networks.

Many of these Networks are Invisible.
Some are Visisble. Check out the Right Hand Side Frame.

__When the Time comes__

These Hidden Networks will be interlinked to the Visible Ones..
So easy to do..just a hyperlink. Few seconds.

So that you can have
"select *.* from"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lemur's philosophy 'bout the two trees...

Uh, oh...


I guess I was right in my last posting..

Regarding the Two Trees -
The Tree of Knowledge &
The Tree of Life

Their mention is made in quite a few Sacred Books..or is it all (?)

But Lemur was not Eve the Garden of Eden..

So, Lemur not much after Knowledge..

Still, Lemur notices a strange coincidence & has own interpretation...
Scientifically ????

The Tree of Life = Id
The Tree of Knowledge = Ego
___Dr. Sigmund Freud found out___ this person who got rich : “Get Rich Buying & Selling Silver” (booklet)

Disclaimer : I keep changing my auto-forwarding list so often....sometimes in a hurry forget revising the names...hope this doesn't reach the wrong person....hope you go through ALL my blogs 'n' enjoy the new look

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dada 'ra boke diyechilo..

Ki ja 'ta likhchen...?

Apni kon dike achchen bolun to ?

dan dik..bam kon dik ?

(Meaning : Which side are you on ...right, left, or what ...?)..

Lemur Sez : But I'm on no side..I'm just your Neutral Observer..
...Sitting on the Tree of Life...Munching on Fruits 'n' Nuts..

...Making Comments..

...For U to Decipher...

That makes Dada's go even more NUTTIER...

Friday, October 24, 2008

On line Publications are the Future

Be it our good ole' Google Products...which revolutionized on-line Creative Art Revenue for us poor blokes...


Support independent publishing: buy this brochure on Lulu.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lemur very, very sad....comment misunderstood

I, lemur, feel very, very sad...make 20-30 comments a day.

One comment on Mr. Chatterji's page that he wait 2 hours stand in line...futile. He make comment on my last posting...see Mr. Chatterji, no be angry...Our friends meerkats also wait in line, much more than you, see :

Mr. Chatterji, elementary...

when 2 companies held by brother fighting against each other...both company go down....

This happen with us lemurs also. When 2 brothers of lemur fight, that is most bad fight.

But, Mr. Chatterji, I say you no meerkat, you wise human.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My descendants making good movie nowadays...

Movie "Word of Mouth".....I found it very thought-provoking.

Very misunderstood, this movie, in human society. One should watch this in very relaxed mood to understand deep meaning. Such wonderful script...I rarely see such art film....

Actress Torri....she says wise, wise words..."Solution for World Peace".....

I 'gree with beautiful Torri.....

Her Words will stay True.....

Then my descendant, naughty one, not still satisfied, watch "Sleeping Dictionary"....

But I say movie "Word of Mouth" much, much better......Torrie's Infinite Words of Wisdom keep me thinking all night.
Sometimes great Works of Art are lost in Time...